#2 Koh Tao Islands, Best Coral Reef Islands

Koh Tao, actually Turtle Island, is a tiny island situated close to the eastern shoreline of the gulf of siam. Around 7000 new divers get qualified on Koh Tao each year making it-one of the most well-known spots on earth to learn how to dive plus a popular draws in Siam. Dive round the isle reefs is interesting as well as simple and it is possible to find a remarkable selection of marine species like coral, turtles, plenty of little fish, barracudas and there’s a tiny possibility of finding a whale shark. The typical visibility is about 15-20 meters.

Koh Tao coral reefs offer many unexpected views to the divers exploring the area. Marine life here is extremely varied, with hundreds of species of animals and plants living in the ocean water. The coral reefs in Koh Tao are preferred by a wide variety of marine animals, such as batfish, butterfly fish, bull sharks, whale sharks, rays, moray eels, groupers, parrot fish, rabbit fish, snappers, surgeon fish, sweetlips, triggerfish, red breasted wrasse, box fish, sea snakes, seahorses, pufferfish, pipe fish and scorpion fish.

Ideal Spots to Admire the Koh Tao Coral Reefs

South West Pinnacle – a collection of pinnacles covered with whip corals, anemones, large sea fans, batfish, barracuda, and whale sharks;

White Rock – two large rocky formations, beautiful coral gardens, populated with butterfly fish, blue spotted stingrays, white eyed morays and turtles, occasionally;

Hin Pee Wee – a large rock formation surrounded by smaller pinnacles, populated with soft corals, angelfish, groupers, morays and other marine life;

Red Rock – colonies of corals on a wall and a variety of marine life formed of pufferfish, porcupine, bannerfish, black-blotched pufferfish, banded sea snakes and other species.

The Future of the Coral Reefs in Koh Tao

Due to pollution and change of climate, the coral reefs all over the world are under threat. Dead coral reefs can be found in many regions of the planet. Scientists and local authorities are trying to stop this tendency in Koh Tao by supporting the living coral reefs to grow and contribute to a sustainable development of sea life. Coral nurseries have been established to help healthy growing of coral colonies. These coral families will then be relocated to areas where coral reefs are under threat, aiming at regenerating and restoring the beauty of the Koh Tao coral reefs.

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