Aruba Snorkeling

The island of Aruba, located deep in the Caribbean Sea, is just off the coast of Venezuela and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. With sister islands of Bonaire and Curacao, Aruba completes what are considered the “ABC islands.” With over three quarters of the Aruba economy being tourism, the tourism related activities are amongst the islands highest streams of income and for good reason. If you find yourself attracted to the water, you can’t go wrong with the abundance of Aruba snorkeling options.

A great and off the beaten path type place to go for fantastic Aruba snorkeling is off of Boca Catalina Beach. Heading north toward the lighthouse on Jose Irausquin Boulevard, it is right between the Marriott property and Arashi Beach. This quaint little beach with picturesque white sand is home to some good size reefs just off the shore. Here you will find a nice variety of local fish that are friendly and will swim right up to you. Being a bit isolated, you will have to pull off the road just a bit and park near the street as there are no marked spots. Below we take a look at a few more spots to take advantage of while in Aruba snorkeling.

Mangel Halto

Arguably the best snorkeling spot in all of Aruba, Mangel Halto is accessible both right from the beach (day and night) and also by boat. Because of the stronger currents and potential for long swims, as well as the need to swim out to the outer edges of the reef for the best corals, it is not recommended for brand new snorkelers. If you are traveling by boat, you can skip the swim against the strong current and be taken right into the cut and straight to the beautiful reef.

Catalina Cove

Beginner snorkelers rejoice, Catalina Cove is the Aruba snorkeling spot for you. Easily accessible by shore (the aforementioned Boca Catalina Beach), the Catalina cove provides calm waters and healthy formation of corals and fish congregations as well. Getting out to the reef you will experience some rocky footing so be sure to wear water shoes when leaving the sandy beach. The depths of the area are no deeper than five feet, providing for a comfortable environment for the all snorkelers.

The Antilla Wreck

A sunken World War II ship just off Aruba’s northern shores. The wreck provides for great visibility and is covered in healthy coral that provides a feeding frenzy for fish and suitable for snorkelers of all skill levels. The Antilla Wreck is definitely a must see for any Aruba snorkeling visitor.

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