Belize Snorkeling

Located in the eastern part of Central America, the country of Belize is home to picture-perfect post card views with its crystal clear water and premier vacationing environment. A long time oil based economy, Belize has grown in popularity among tourists that have really enhanced the quality of their economy. Between the beautiful climate, 400+ islands and a plethora of rivers and for rafting and kayaking, Belize has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of the Caribbean. If your prefer to stay out of the jungle and wild life sanctuaries on mainland Belize, head to the coasts and check out Belize snorkeling options, you won’t be disappointed.

One of the biggest reasons to check out Belize snorkeling, and a site on many avid snorkeler’s bucket list is the Belize Barrier reef. Around 300 meters offshore you will find the enormous reef that stretches down the coast of Belize over 190 miles long, making it the second longest barrier reef in the world. Really the only good snorkeling in Belize is out on this reef, which you will need to get to by boat.

Most of the best Belize snorkeling will embark from the city of San Pedro to Ambergis Caye. Given its northern location, the visibility in the water is better due to the lack of rain forest river run off as you will find in the south. One of the most popular cayes (small, sandy islands) to head out from in all of Belize given its direct access to the reefs, the Ambergis Caye has a few specific spots that when in Belize snorkeling are can’t misses. Start out by checking out Tres Cocos, a shallow spot right on the reefs edge where you will find a ton of friendly and color fish coming into feed on the reef’s outskirts. Another great spot at Ambergis Caye is Hol Chan Cut. Hol Chan Cut starts out shallow but offers deeper waters as well, where you will find bigger species of fish that you don’t find so much inland. However probably the most unique location in all of the Ambergis Caye has to be the Shark Ray Alley. The shallow water here provides for the once in a life time opportunity to swim with friendly and harmless nurse sharks and rays.

Whether in Belize specifically for water activities or on a family vacation, Belize snorkeling is an activity the whole family can enjoy.

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