Pink Carnation Coral

Tremendously popular to hobby marine aquarium keepers, the Pink Carnation Coral is one of the only types of coral available in this bold of a pink color. Also known as Pink Tree Coral, Scleronepthea and Neospongoides, Pink Carnation Coral originates from the tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans. This coral attaches itself to caves, in the ill-lit areas of reefs or on the ledges of reefs.

Coral Morphology

There are over 250 members of the Dendronephthya species. Pink carnation coral is found in a rich pink color, although the most common colors of this type of coral are orange and red. Pink carnation coral has many tentacles and each tentacle has eight polyps. Because it is a soft coral, its body tissue has calcareous spicules to retain its body structure.

Feeding Pink

Pink carnation coral do not contain the symbiotic algae zooxanthellae. Their diet should include live baby brine shrimp, micro-plankton, and other small food designed for feeding invertebrates in order to survive in the reef aquarium. Because these foods must be available to them almost constantly, they are only recommended for the most expert reef keepers.

Carnation Coral Tank Requirements

If one is brave enough to attempt to keep a healthy colony of pink carnation coral, water temperature should be kept at 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Only low to moderate illumination is required, because it generally lacks the ability to be photosynthetic. Alternating moderate water flow in the aquarium is required.

Coral Habitat And Care

This type of coral looks very interesting if attached to a reef ledge or in a cave in the marine aquarium. Carnation coral rarely if ever breeds in an aquarium environment. Many of the samples of this type of coral that are on the market are very unhealthy, and maintenance of this coral is not easy. A perfect habitat for pink carnation coral is very difficult to achieve.

Overview Of Coral

By all accounts, carnation coral should only be cared for by the most dedicated and experienced reef keepers for ultimate health of this coral. It requires constant care and a very acutely trained eye to notice any differences in the health and well being in the reef environment. Moderate water flow with a constant supply of high-quality nutrients is required to maintain its health and nutrition.

coral farm
coral farm
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coral farm

Captain Jacques-Yves left his mark forever on the world and therefore the oceans. explorer aboard Calypso to explore the globe, his life and work, was a serious player within the environmental movement. Jacques impressed Maine to be told regarding our underwater world at AN early age. Those recollections fuel this website and my diving expeditions.

coral farm

My travels to date have taken me throughout much of the Caribbean to many wrecks & reef systems. While I have more exploration here in the future, I'm going to divert my travels for now to the far Pacific. I have included some of my best Caribbean dive photos here.

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