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Comoros Coral Reef Maps

Comoros is a small island with a significant reef area that stretches out for miles and features some of the most beautiful and diverse coral reef formations in the southeastern area of the Indian Ocean.

Clear waters and beautiful, multi-colored fish dominate the area, and divers can enjoy an extensive reef area featuring many different types of coral reefs that have also played a major role in providing a stable habitat for many species of diverse marine creatures.

Comoros Coral Reefs and Diving Spots

The island features a few stunning diving areas that tourists and experienced divers alike have been enjoying for many years. The reef area of no less than 430 square kilometers is a ripe place for both diving and snorkeling, and you can enjoy a few great spots all year round:

  • Seasoned divers can enjoy the Vailheu Bank – a beautiful area with varying depths that can get you a great view of hammerheads, giant wrasses, tunas, trevallies and majestic white-tip sharks.
  • The entire area is rich in fringing reefs that snorkeling enthusiasts can explore with ease in a large number of key areas around the island.
  • The most beautiful corals found near the island can be seen around the Coelacanth vertical drop-off. Easily accessible when the waters are calm, it is the right place for coral enthusiasts to spot amazing coral formations, anemones and barrel sponges.

The Illusive Coelacanth

The Coelacanth drop-off was actually named after an elusive fish that was thought to be extinct until quite recently, when scientists learned of an area close to the island where the fish not only survives, but actually thrives.

The fish, along with many other beautiful marine creatures, such as dolphins, electric rays or barrel sponges, can be found near the deep waters close to Comoros, around the islands of Anjouan and Grande Comore.

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