Cozumel Snorkeling

This underdeveloped Mexican island off its southern coast provides for postcard perfect views and stunningly clear warm water. This popular cruise ship destination also serves as a great snorkeling location being home to a portion of the Mesoamerican reef and Museo Subacuatico de Arte’s submerged statues.

Averaging over 320 sunny days a year and with water temperatures at constant 80+ degree temperature year round, the crystal clear water you will find while during your Cozumel snorkeling trip is home to over 500 varieties of sea life and coral. A large portion of the of the ancient and much sought after Mesoamerican barrier reef lies just a few football fields off the shores of Cozumel.

With Cozumel snorkeling be such a highly sought after trip on many of the Mexican cruises that frequent the area, the sea life you will encounter while underwater are some of the friendliest and most docile of anywhere in the world. Looking down just over 15 deep below the surface, you can see and start snorkeling over the plethora of coral formations that the area plays host to. In the shallower waters you can swim through caverns and valleys of seemingly endless coral with the crystal clear visibility found few other places in the world.

What makes some the coral reefs some of the cleanest in pristine in the world, is a matter of geographic fortune. Around 8 miles off the coast of mainland Mexico, the island is long and narrow, running north and south in direction. The ocean currents that flow throughout the area happen to run the same direction, constantly cleaning the corals and providing them the nutrients they constantly need. Mix that with the nearly full year of perfect sunlight and the crystal clear water, and you will be hard pressed to find a healthier group of corals than you do while in Cozumel snorkeling.

With the bountiful healthy coral growing in the Cozumel waters, many of the coral formations stretch down very deep to the ocean’s bottoms. Some of the coral formations, stretch down more than 400 feet, and have been estimated to be growing for millions of years! While many divers flock to this region for that purpose, snorkelers fret not, the tops of these mountains are a sight to see themselves. As anywhere else you snorkel in the world, Cozumel snorkeling provides the opportunity to see some of the oceans most unique creatures including but not limited to eels, stingrays, lobsters and more!

If looking for a location to snorkel in North America, you can’t go wrong with Cozumel snorkeling.

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