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Eritrea Coral Reef Maps

The Eritrea coral reefs are among the most popular in the world due to their ability to maintain themselves as stable and resilient in the face of many changes. This important fact places them among the most special coral reef formations in the world.

Pristine and Resilient Eritrea Coral Reefs

Like most coral formations in the Red Sea, these corals are able to withstand temperature changes with ease, and are basically considered as a true hotspot when it comes to marine life biodiversity.

When exploring Eritrea’s shores, one of the first things you will find is the thick cover of mangroves surrounding islands like Sheikh Said and much of Eritrea’s Dahlak archipelago that features more than 300 uninhabited islands.

A significant aspect associated with Eritrea’s corals is that they are largely untouched. These corals have, therefore, become extremely resilient over time – the Dahlak archipelago alone being home to more than 200 species of corals – and form a thriving habitat for a variety of different types of fish, such as parrot fish, manta ray, black bass, barracudas, coral fish and groupers.

Massawa and the Dahlak Islands

For anyone interested in a quick and easy way to see beautiful coral reefs in Eritrea, Massawa is a good place to start. Here, you can find diving sites that are quite close to shore, and you’ll definitely be impressed by the sheer quantity of the various fish and marine creatures in the region.

Most of the best diving sites to spot corals in Eritrea, however, are near the Dahlak Islands, a significant group of islands scattered near Massawa. Here, soft corals and many types of colorful reef fish inhabit the waters near places like Dahlak Kebir and Madote, as well as Dur Ghella and Norah, the latter featuring one of the most beautiful lagoons in the region.

Deeper diving sites can also be found in places such as Camel and the Dessei islands, where experienced divers can see sharks, barracudas and occasionally even dolphins.

The Eritrea coral reefs are among the richest when it comes to the variety and diversity of the marine life they support in the region.

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