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French Mayotte Coral Reef Maps

Most islands and locations close to Madagascar are excellent areas for exploring the rich marine life in the area, and when it comes to French Mayotte, coral reefs can be found here in larger quantities than almost any nearby island.

Taking a detour to this small, but exciting island can be one of the best choices you can make for ensuring that you can spot the most beautiful reefs and diverse marine creatures found in the region.

French Mayotte Coral Reefs to Explore

If you visit French Mayotte, stunning corals can be found basically all around the island. Located in the archipelago of the Comoros, the island’s main highlight is its huge lagoon that features a nearly uninterrupted barrier reef formation. Only 12 passes or channels exist that break the reef barrier, which makes this spot ideal for diving.

The whole area has about 540 square kilometers of coral reefs and just about 10 square kilometers of mangroves. The reef formations mostly surround the 30 islets or so, many of them being uninhabited and perfect for anyone interested in the local marine life. Among them, the richest packed corals are those around the islets of Bamboo, Choazil and Bandrele. Colorful, densely packed corals can be found here, as well as many colorful fish.

Special Marine Species to Look for

Sea turtles are the center of attention in Mayotte, Hawksbill and Green turtles being found close to the barrier reef or to islets located south of Boueni, around the Sazile Peninsula.

Another important type of marine creature you can find here is the whale. If you visit Mayotte in August, you can often spot transient whales arriving to the warm waters around the islands in order to mate or give birth.

For anyone interested in visiting French Mayotte, coral reefs will be among the major sights they will be able to see with great ease; you’ll find the beauty of this underwater paradise is amplified even more by the clarity of its waters and the diverse, colorful marine life species that populate its reefs.

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