Photograph by Blane Perun

Green Zoanthid

The zoanthid variety is quite amazing and I have never ceased to be amazed by it. Over the years that I have collected and propagated green zoanthid, and zoanthid in general, I have seen at least 100 variations in color if not more. The most abundant color is the green zoanthid. It is important to notice the colors of the green zoanthid and other zoanthids simply because there are so many variations. If you pay attention to begin with you will be amazed at the variations.


Two color polyps were the basis of my early stock. Since that time my brood stock includes at least four contrasting colors. There are exceptions of course and I always look out for the “solid color” zoanthid. Or, I look out for more than just the green zoanthid and focus on those that have striations or patterns on the oral disk. Also, I look out for rare colors that will contrast with the green zoanthid. Some of my favorites are discussed below.


There are many challenges to aquascaping a reef system for both novices and advanced aqua culturists. Some have a mechanical nature that can be solved by using zip ties and plenty of patience. Still others are much more challenging. Sometimes, the aesthetics seems impossible when you want to balance texture and color. I always try to keep a wide variety in my display system and even with collections that are very diverse they always seem to lean towards specific tones and shades.


The majority of my systems are made up of SPS , exotic leathers, and a variety of LPS. Stony corals were mostly green, blue, pink, purple or yellow. The most abundant seemed to be green and blue while sarcophyton and porities were yellow.

I had a bit of difficulty pulling the eye away from such a dominant focal point, partly because the yellow color was scarce, and secondly the porities were large colonies compared to the other SPS. The display was enhanced the most by the zoanthid and green zoanthid. With so much color I was able to make the tanks look more balanced. Adding a yellow zoanthid in addition to green zoanthid was my favorite because it added more yellow to my reef while providing balance for the yellow porities. Under normal lighting conditions this looked almost actinic yellow and really broke up the purple and blue acropora.

Blane Perun

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