Humpback Whales

Humpback whales are the Baleen whales that measure about 16 meters/52 feet long. They can live as long as 45 years. The humpback whales have derived this name from the manner they arch backwards before diving. When they do this, it is truly the most exciting thing to watch the way these humpback whales effortlessly do such kind of graceful acrobatic moves in the sea.

Are They Endangered Species?

Yes, sad but true. The humpback whales have been declared as the 3rd most endangered species among the big whales. These endangered species have reduced to a considerable extent and they are just less then 50,000 humpback whales alive in Southern area. For conserving these most beautiful species, lots of measures have been taken for their protection. These massive mammals are protected by marine mammal protection Act and therefore a visitor won’t be allowed to come closer than hundred yards. Even if you maintain 100 yards distance, you will still be able to feel the beauty and power of such massive humpback whales and this will surely become one of the most memorable sights of your lifetime.

Tips For Having An Whale Watching Experience

Patience is the key to a perfect humpback whale watching experience. Firstly the best tool to watch these splendid creatures is through binoculars. Once you have these


binoculars, you need to scan the area and may be in half an hour’s time, you will be able to locate cloudy spewing water rising above the sea level. As the humpback whales need to breathe out after every seven to twenty minutes, they will be seen spraying the water they exhale from the blow holes. So, the moment you are able to locate the water spray, start focusing over there to find out the amazing humpback whales and cherish this unforgettable experience all throughout your life.

The Most Entertaining Factor

When these humpback whales are in a good mood, they might play games with the visitors. It’s not that they can get trained for entertaining people, but they entertain the visitors in their own natural way. The humpback whales will poke their heads above the sea level for locate the scene. This behavior of the humpback whales is called as the Spy hop which actually means their manner of showing off. At times humpback whales are even seen leaping out of water completely. In rare cases, they even exchange nods by waving their side fins or slamming their tails towards the visitors. The visitors are all too happy to see this pleasant site of humpback whales responding in this memorable manner. These gestures of the humpback whales make the public feel that these humpback whales are greeting the visitors by saying Hi.

Best Manner Of Watching

One of the best ways of watching these gigantic Humpback whales is to go right in their area and this can be done by taking a cruise or with the help of a snorkel or a dive boat in winter season. If you are adventurous, then you can even view Humpback whales on the rafting expedition. And there are lots of places that have such arrangements for the visitors.


These majestic humpback whales have their special mode of communication trough different sounds which forms a perplexing sound series. Even the Hydrophones are available on the humpback whale watching charters which will enable the visitors to enjoy and hear complex sounds of such amazing mammals.

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