Orca Whale

The orca whale is commonly known as the Killer whale and they completely rule the sea. They are so powerful that they get only endangered by the human beings and for all the other sea creatures; they could be a complete threat. The orca whales are predators in true sense and also attack the other whale types. They rule the water and are one of the majestic creatures of the ocean and one can find loads of public traveling from all over the world to have a glimpse of this attacker, but of course all these visitors do maintain a safe distance.

Do They Belong To A Dolphin Family?

Orca whales are called as whales, but actually they belong to a dolphin family. The orca whales are around 27 – 33 feet in length and do weigh around 12,000 pounds on maturity. The male orca whales are larger than the female orca whales and while the life expectancy of a male orca whale is 60 years, or the female it is 90 years. The orca whales have random white patches with a shiny black background. They have round heads and distinctive beaks. The Orca whales have sickle shaped dorsal fins and big flippers which is a typical feature in all kinds of dolphins.

Are They Whales Social?

The orca whales can travel at the speed of 30 miles every hour and they live in pods. The pods of orca whales are small and they are with the close family members.


These pods are grouped from 6 to 40 orca whales and they stay together for their entire lives. All the pod members are very supportive to the calves and they also protect the injured and he sick members. There are two pod types which have different food preferences and different hunting methods. One is the resident pods that hunt fish and the other is the transient pods and hunts and kills the marine mammals.

Breeding Season

On a surface of warm and shallow waters, the orca whales breed from winter up to the early spring season. Their gestational period is around 17 months. The calves are born from October to march. Within just thirty minutes of their birth, they baby orcas start swimming and weigh around 400 pounds and are 6 – 8 feet long. In majority o the cases, a female Orca whale gives birth to a single calf, but in rare cases, even the twins are seen. Orca whales have a single blow hole and breathe air above the water surface with the help of their blow hole. The blow hole is located above their eyes on top of the head.

Are They Vocal?

Yes, they create lots of sounds such as whistles, screams and the clicks. This is their mode of communication with the other pod members when they are hunting prey and mating. One distinct quality of these orca whales is that different pods make different sounds and have their own accents so that each pod member recognizes each other. The orca whales are the most intelligent sea creatures and they have their own hunting techniques.

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