Scuba Diving Costa Rica

When it comes to scuba diving, Costa Rica is like no place else. Whatever type of diving you like, whether it is shallow waters or wall diving, cave diving or cavern diving, Costa Rica will not let you down. The waters around the island are among the most diverse marine habitats in the world, the varied volcanic substrate being populated by the most extraordinary creatures, making every trip memorable and beautiful.

Diving on Cocos Island – A Remote Spot Worth the Trip

For those who love scuba diving, Costa Rica has extraordinary spots around the mainland, but to get to one of the best sites, you will have to travel a bit. The island is located at quite a distance from the mainland, requiring the diver to travel around 300 miles to get there, but the lengthy journey is definitely worth it. The area is frequently visited by sailfish and marlins, and sharks are also often seen, including the rare hammerhead sharks. Whales also love the area – they are often spotted congregating in the warm waters.

A Paradise for Wreck Diving Enthusiasts – Tortuga Islands

Tortuga comprises two islands at the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. Its name means turtle, the islands having been named after the creatures most characteristic of its waters. The islands are volcanic formations, the waters around providing perfect home not only for turtles, but for Dolphins, porcupine fish, moray eels and octopi.

Bat Island Scuba Diving – Costa Rica Excitement at Its Best

A spot visited frequently by bull sharks, Bat Island diving is recommended only to the best and the bravest. Situated at about 45 km from Playas del Coco, the site is not far from the mainland, being easily accessible. What makes diving on these sites so exciting is not only the chance to encounter a 3-meter long shark, but also the rough substrate and the dive spots that are somewhat deeper than in other sites, with maximum depth ranging between 18-35 meters and often very strong currents. Besides bull sharks, you can see flying manta rays, schools of pelagic fish, as well as amazing sponges and corals.

For those interested in scuba diving, Costa Rica is beyond doubt one of the richest areas in the world – the crystal clear waters are warm and teaming with wildlife, giving more adventurous divers the opportunity to swim with sharks and surprising those who stay in the shallow waters with unbelievable colors and richness.

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