Scuba Diving for Beginners

If you have never dived before, but you have been thinking about trying this marvelous, healthy activity, here are a few tips and suggestions about what to look for when choosing a course dealing with scuba diving for beginners, as well as a few ideas about equipment and fitness to able to make the most out of this new hobby.

Choosing the Scuba Diving Course

There are numerous dive centers that teach scuba diving for beginners, so one of the most important aspects you will need to think about enrolling into a course is the location of your future dives. If you are planning to do most of your diving in tropical waters, it makes sense to choose a course offered by a dive school in the area you are planning to visit. However, scuba diving is a popular activity outside the tropics, too, and you can find dive courses in most bigger towns and cities in the world. Many of these courses teach diving in artificial environments, such as in swimming pools, but they are still great – and much safer for beginners.

The Level of Fitness You Need for Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is great fun, but it is also a demanding physical activity. In some countries, such as in Australia, you will need to undergo medical examination before enrolling, but most schools around the world require you only to sign a statement about your general health condition. Most dive schools require entry-level students to perform a physical test before starting the course. You will have to swim 200 meters and stay in the water, treading it for about 10 minutes – if you are able to do that, you are fit enough to learn scuba diving for beginners.

The Scuba Diving Equipment

Scuba gear can be expensive and the centers teaching scuba diving for beginners normally do not require the students to have their own equipment. However, having the best gear is very important underwater, so if you decide to rent your equipment, make sure you turn to a reliable dive gear rental shop and check every component – don’t forget, a leaking mask, a wetsuit or a fin that is not your size, not to mention a tank that fails during the dive can ruin your experience and can create dangerous situations. If you are unsure about what aspects to check, ask a local dive instructor before renting anything or ask one of them to come with you and help you select the best equipment.

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