Scuba Diving in Thailand

When it comes to exploring the crystal waters of the tropics, scuba diving in Thailand is a unique experience. The Land of a Thousand Smiles is also the land of a million dive spots – reef diving, wall diving, cavern diving, shallow waters and pinnacles, small and large marine creatures are all there. The diving conditions are at their very best from February to April, but the temperature of the waters stays around 26-29 degrees C (79-84 F) all year long.

Scuba Diving around Koh Dok Mai

The waters around the small island located about halfway between Phuket and Shark Point are perfect for wall diving enthusiasts. The spot has numerous crevices and caves that are brimming with wildlife. The island is practically a huge limestone formation, with a dramatic wall dropping steeply into the water. The west side is a coral reef area with shallow waters, frequently visited by moray eels and other colorful fishes, while the east side is populated by the most beautiful tube corals of a bright yellow hue.

Bida Nok Diving

This site is very close to Phi Phi Island, and it is famous for its hawksbill turtles, sea snakes and moray eels. It is a reef area populated by brightly colored and thriving soft corals – the wall is covered all over by beautiful sea fans – and also a spot preferred by leopard sharks, wrasses and parrot fish. Manta rays and whale sharks are also frequently seen.

Andaman Sea’s Richelieu Rock, the Richest Spot for Scuba Diving in Thailand

Perhaps the most famous spot for scuba diving in Thailand, Richelieu Rock is located in the Andaman Sea, at about 200 km from Phuket. It is a giant rock in the shape of a horseshoe, with a larger pinnacle in the center and smaller rocks surrounding it. Its isolated location and peculiar structure makes it an area of unparalleled richness and diversity – every bit of the substrate is populated, every crevice has a dweller. The diver can meet large and small creatures alike – whale sharks, barracudas and manta rays are just as frequently encountered as huge shoals of smaller fish. Colorful soft corals and anemones are also abundant in the area.

Scuba diving in Thailand is unique and special – the waters are of the most amazing shades of blue, and divers of any level can find the challenge and the view they are looking for, making Thailand one of the most appreciated diving destinations in the world.

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