Scuba Diving Jobs

There are lots of scuba diving jobs available all over the world, so if you are an experienced diver, you possess the right certificates and you are thinking of making a living with scuba diving, here are a few tips about how to find employment.

The Certification You Need to Apply for Diving Jobs

To be able to successfully apply for scuba diving jobs as a professional diver, you will need to be able to prove your expert-level skills: you will need a diving instructor certificate. It doesn’t hurt if you are familiar with a number of different course systems, not only PADI or SSI, and if you are able to prove that knowledge by having certificates, too, even better.

Types of Jobs Available for Professional Scuba Divers

What many people have in mind when they start looking for a job as a professional diver is getting employed as a guide instructor and teaching diving to tourists. However, scuba diving jobs are available not only in the recreational industry, but in the commercial and industrial sectors as well. You can choose to work as a dive guide for tourists, you can run a dive shop and organize courses, you can work on marine construction sites, you can become involved in marine research – the possibilities are almost endless!

How to Find a Scuba Diving Job

One of the best resources for finding a diving job – probably any job – is the internet. There are numerous specialized boards where you can find scuba diving jobs from all over the world. You will have to make up your mind about the type of jobs you are looking for and about the location, too – once you have established your selection criteria, you can start searching the job boards online. Another way to find a job as a professional diver is by visiting dive shops in the area where you would like to find employment. In most cases, the people who work in dive shops are professional divers themselves and they will know if there is a job opening in the area. You can also talk to these guys and ask them about their experiences as a professional diver – it is an excellent way to find out about what life is like as a full-time diver. If you are adventurous enough, you can also choose to set up your own business and do diving for industrial companies or organize your own diving courses and trips.

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