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Scuba Diving San Diego

The opportunities for scuba diving San Diego has to offer include mainly shore dives, boat dives and wreck diving. Whichever you choose, the underwater life will surely fascinate you, and the area is an excellent place to get more practice as well.

Scuba Diving at Point Loma

When it comes to specialties in scuba diving, San Diego boasts some of the largest kelp forests in the world. The sea floor around Point Loma is covered in kelp. There are shallow spots and deeper waters as well and the kelp provides such a nutrient-rich environment that you can be sure you will have lots to see, whichever type of spot you go for. The kelp forest is the preferred place of giant lobsters and seals, and gray whales also pass by to feed. The gorgonians in the area are spectacular and you can also see large schools of smaller fish and barracudas.

La Jolla – Amazing Shore Diving and Encounters with the Most Special Creatures of the Sea

The town of La Jolla is situated within San Diego city and it takes up about 7 miles of its coastline, with extraordinary dive spots just off the shore. The area is abundant in marine life – you can find not only huge and amazing kelp forests there, but extraordinary marine creatures such as gray whales, green turtles, dolphins and many different sharks species, including sevengill sharks and soupfin sharks as well.

The Wreck Alley – One of the Most Mysterious Spots for Scuba Diving San Diego Offers

Wreck Alley is an area a few miles from the San Diego main coast where several ships were sunk intentionally to promote the development of coral reefs. The project was successful – the area has since become a preferred place for wreck divers, as well as for divers looking for a spot brimming with wildlife. The vessels sunk in order to create the artificial reef include kelp harvesters, barges and navy ships, too, forming an area full of crevices, just the perfect environment for marine life to thrive. The area is populated by anemones, scallops, crabs, and numerous other crustacean species, and it is perfect for advanced-level wreck divers as well as for those looking for a way to get more experience.

If it is diversity that you are looking for when scuba diving, San Diego will surely meet your expectations – the wrecks, the kelp and the varied terrain guarantee that!

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