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The UK marine area extends over 850,000 sq. km and features some truly stunning sites – when it comes to scuba diving, UK spots offer some really unique and special opportunities.

Lundy Island – A Marine Conservation Area with Some of the Best Sites for Scuba Diving UK Can Offer

Pinnacles, wreck diving, caverns and the opportunity to encounter plenty of amazing creatures – this is what the conservation area situated at the mouth of the Bristol Channel offers. With the bedrock extending deep into the sea and with colder and warmer currents mixing around it, the area is rich in nutrients and attracts a multitude of marine life. There are more than 300 different seaweed species in the area, and visitors can see fan corals and other very rare coral species as well. There are numerous wrecks in the area, too, providing excellent opportunity for anemones and corals to form colonies.

The Sound of Mull – The Best Opportunities for Scuba Diving UK Offers to Wreck Divers

The area provides a wide range of dive sites, offering mainly drift diving and wreck diving opportunities. Drift diving is done mostly at Calve Island and Loch Sunart, while the wrecks in the area include huge merchant vessels, such as the Hispania, cargo ships (the Shuna), as well as steamers such as the Rondo. The Sound of Mull is exquisite in terms of marine life as well – anemones, pipefish, peacock worms, dead man’s fingers and sunstars can be seen in amazing abundance.

Pembrokeshire – Wreck Diving and Meeting the Largest, Cutest Creatures of the Sea

The sea floor around Pembrokeshire is covered in wrecks and brimming with wildlife. There are more than 350 in the waters surrounding the county in the southwest of Wales and they create an environment that is frequently visited by porpoises, seals and dolphins. Visibility is very good in the area, usually exceeding 24 meters, so the dives are easy and enjoyable. The terrain is varied and so is the marine life around – some spots, such as the Borough Head is well-known for its lobsters, the Stack Rock offers the chance to see butterfish, mackerels, dogfish, beautiful anemones and numerous different crabs.

The waters in the area may be colder than in other parts of the world, but that doesn’t mean they are less colorful. When it comes to scuba diving, UK spots are spectacular and they offer plenty to see and to explore.

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