Snorkeling in Puerto Rico

When conditions are cooperating, Puerto Rico offers some of the best snorkeling in the world and does not even require a passport to get there from the United States! On the right day most snorkeling spots in Puerto Rico can extend to beyond 50 feet visibility. As is with most of the best snorkeling spots, taking a day trip on a private boat will be your best option. In Puerto Rico, take a ride to the Coast of Fajardo to find the boats lined up and to start your snorkeling experience. Below we will look at some of the best options when snorkeling in Puerto Rico.

Mona Island

Some of the best snorkeling in Puerto Rico can be done here at Mona Island. Just off the western coast of mainland Puerto Rico, Mona Island is just a short boat ride away from San Juan. As far as reef condition, you simply can’t beat Mona Island when snorkeling in Puerto Rico. Fish ranging from eels, turtles, octopuses, sting rays and more can be found in and around the reefs here. It is important to note that you cannot rent gear on the island, so you will want to bring your own equipment.

La Paguera

Located on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico, La Paguera is Puerto Rico’s only bioluminescent bay that allows snorkeling, which provides for an incredible experience. Heading out around sunset, this natural phenomenon actually allows you to swim and snorkel surrounded by dinoflagellates that will be lit up all around you. In addition to this, you can head out to the mangrove canals in the bay and spend around an hour exploring the caves and reefs. The always calm waters here and plethora of fish species and coral reef formations make La Paguera a true can’t miss when snorkeling in Puerto Rico weather its day or night. Paradise Scuba and Snorkeling Center is a great company to schedule a tour through for La Paguera snorkeling.

Caja de Muertos

Just off the coast of Ponce lies the untouched and uninhabited Caja de Muertos Island. Translated to “Coffin Island” because of its shape, the island is stuff of legends with tales of everything from piracy and beyond. The reefs surrounding the island are plentiful and you can spend a whole day here snorkeling in and around the island. Snorkeling in Puerto Rico certainly requires a stop at “Coffin Island” to create memories and legends of your own.

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