Snorkeling in San Diego

When one thinks of the west coast of the United States, it is common place to think you must go thousands of miles off the coast to Hawaii or east to the Caribbean or off the coast of Mexico. Many will be surprised to know however that some of the best United States snorkeling can be found in one of America’s most beautiful cities, San Diego. Today we will breakdown how and where you can find some of the best snorkeling in San Diego.

Some of the best snorkeling in San Diego can be found in the La Jolla cove, just outside the city of San Diego. This ecological underwater park provides fun for the entire family. As long as you have a basic ability to swim, expert guides will take you out into the cove where you can expect to swim with garibaldi, sheep head fish, colorful starfish, sting rays, perch and if you’re lucky even dolphins and seals! One of the most popular tours in all of La Jolla is one of the La Jolla leopard shark tours. Head to the shallow waters of La Jolla where these incredible (and friendly) leopard sharks comes to produce their offspring annually. Enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of swimming with these docile creatures, no matter your level of snorkeling experience. Wetsuits, fins, masks and snorkels can be provided if you need them as well.

To enter the La Jolla cove, you will want to head to Ellen Browning Scripps Park. If you plan to head out of the water near sunset, be sure to stick around to check out the views from the bluff of the beautiful Pacific Ocean sunset. While the entire cove is used for swimmers and beach goers alike, head to the south end of the cove to the kelp beds where you can find some better snorkeling. As with any place you plan to go snorkeling in San Diego, check with local officials on currents before you venture out for your snorkeling session. If you want to check out some sea caves and the plethora of fish that inhabit them, head up the coast slightly north from the Ellen Browning Scripps Park. If planning to see the caves, you will want to make sure the tide is at its lowest and be very mindful of wave surges.

Whether you decide to just snorkel in the cove or venture out to other areas of La Jolla and San Diego, snorkeling in San Diego can be fun activity in a city with plenty of aquatic and land options to consider.

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