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Somalia Coral Reef Maps

The Somalia coral reefs are somewhat unique not only due to the sheer size of their formations, as well as their pristine condition in most areas, but also because they feature a surprisingly significant variety for that specific side of the world, offering an excellent opportunity to thrive for many different types of marine creatures.

Somalia Coral Reefs – The Main Attraction

While the northern coast of Somalia only features some sporadic coral reef development, most other areas of the coastline, particularly near the southern regions of the country, are thriving with diverse coral communities, as well as fringing, platform and patch reef formations that stretch across Sa’ad ad-Din and various other islands that are close to Djibouti.

Somalia’s reefs are a significant attraction for diving enthusiasts and explorers, offering a unique glimpse at untouched underwater environments that have not been affected adversely by nature or human intervention.

The southern coast of Somalia, in particular, features some truly wonderful coral reef formations that are basically untouched, as well as undamaged by bleaching or any other natural cause that threatens corals worldwide. The Bajuni islands are the most significant archipelago here, stretching from Kismayo to Ras Kamboni and offering stunning views of a real underwater paradise.

Marine Life Species to Look Forward to

When exploring the waters near Somalia’s coastline, one can find a thriving underwater world, residing on and using the roughly 74 different types of corals in the area as support for the food and shelter that they require.

Sea turtles can commonly be seen here, gently feeding on the seagrass on some back reef areas, while lobsters and sharks are also a regular sight in most of the waters – particularly close to reefs located farther away from the shoreline.

You can also find a few types of batoid fish and hundreds of species of bony fish here, many of them thriving on the stable waters of Somalia coral reefs, and particularly being seen close to patch and fringing reef formations.

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