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Taiwan Coral Reef Maps

Beneath the surface of the sea surrounding Taiwan, hundreds of species of corals spawn their eggs to give birth to new coral colonies. Most of the coastline of Taiwan, which stretches over 1,500 kilometers, and the 85 offshore inlets are rich in coral colonies teeming with life.
The Taiwan island is actually encircled by coral reefs, except for the sandy west coast beaches. The concentration of coral species, fish and other marine life forms is amazing! Out of the 700 species of corals in the world, almost 300 can be found in the colonies surrounding Taiwan. These coral reefs are the tropical rain forests of the sea, harboring algae, invertebrates and exotic fish.

Because Taiwan is located at the confluence of the warm waters of the Japan Current and the cool waters from the continental currents, these marine crossroads are amazingly rich in sea creatures. It is estimated that the coral reefs encircling Taiwan have over 1,600 marine species, which is actually one of the highest densities in the world.

Taiwan corals are usually spawning for three to seven days after April’s full moon, releasing eggs and sperm, which combine to form larvae that will establish other coral colonies of their own.

The great eruption of life in the Taiwan coral reefs is a must-watch for visitors arriving on the island. There are hundreds of species of exotic fish, colorful corals, and other interesting marine life forms to be seen in one of the largest marine ecosystems in the world.

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