Feeding Torch Coral

Euphyllia glabrescens, or Torch Coral, is a favorite amongst saltwater aquarium enthusiasts. They come in a variety of colors, including green, brown, pink, golden, yellow and tan colors. Feeding Torch Coral takes some research and knowledge about this particular type of coral, but can be done successfully with moderate care.

Natural Range

Torch coral originates from the Indo-Pacific region including Figi, Tonga, Solomon Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. These types of corals are carnivorous, which means that feeding torch coral does require not only providing an atmosphere where photosynthesis can occur, but also where a provision of acellular marine invertebrates, frozen meaty bits of raw shrimp, fish, squid, zooplankton and photoplankton.

Care Requirements

Torch Coral care can best be accommodated when the aquarium has a capacity of 50 gallons or above. Euphyllia glabescens should be placed on some substrate at the bottom of your marine aquarium. Because of their aggressive behaviors, feeding torch coral can be tricky. Torch coral should be kept away from other marine aquarium invertebrates, as the coral may sting them on contact.

Breeding And Care

Torch coral grows easily and rapidly in a marine aquarium that is meeting the feeding torch coral requirements and when all of the environmental needs are taken into account. Torch coral breeds asexually through fragmenting. Each resulting piece grows into an individual torch coral.


Feeding torch coral does come with some potential dangers. This type of coral has long sweeper tentacles that can sting any other marine aquarium invertebrate that touches them. Torch coral can also produce a painful sting if youched by humans as well, so care needs to be taken when working around them in the marine aquarium. Torch coral sting effects usually dont last much longer than 24 hours.


Keeping your marine aquarium healthy requires that you are feeding torch coral the best quality food and supplements. They are susceptible to Brown Jelly Infection in which the parasite converts the coral into a jelly like substance and thus kills it. Clownfish may also live upon this type of coral in the absence of a suitable anemone host. Keeping your aquarium as healthy as possible and feeding torch coral the right food and nutrients will go a long way toward the long term health of your tank.

coral farm
coral farm
Organization that works solely to unite communities to guard our planet's coral reefs.
Help shield the last healthy, undisturbed places within the ocean. we will find out how to assist healthy reefs thrive, facilitate unhealthy reefs recover, and higher preserve this unbelievable underwater world.
coral farm

Captain Jacques-Yves left his mark forever on the world and therefore the oceans. explorer aboard Calypso to explore the globe, his life and work, was a serious player within the environmental movement. Jacques impressed Maine to be told regarding our underwater world at AN early age. Those recollections fuel this website and my diving expeditions.

coral farm

My travels to date have taken me throughout much of the Caribbean to many wrecks & reef systems. While I have more exploration here in the future, I'm going to divert my travels for now to the far Pacific. I have included some of my best Caribbean dive photos here.

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