Whale Shark

Whale Sharks are like gentle beasts and they are the majestic giants in ocean similar to a huge bus size. They are considered to be the largest ocean fish, and even one of the largest shark species. In other words, they are sharks and not whales but people address them as Whale Sharks as they appear like whales. They have gigantic size hence people misaddress them as whales. They swim approximately 3 mph. Sharks eat plankton, jellyfish as they get jelly fish in literally found in tons during mating season each year. Jelly fishes are one of Whale Shark’s favorite meals. Whale Sharks are very attractive with huge fat lips, fins and tail. They have a real long life to live as they survive for 100 to 150 yrs long.

Are They A Threat To The Humans?

The word “Whale Shark” puts fright of God for an individual’s mind instantly. In other words, Whale Shark is indeed a very good example of specie – “Shark”. Most importantly, out of 350 to 375 species of Sharks that swim in oceans, rivers and seas, 80% of the Sharks that don’t harm or cause any harm to humans and that includes the Whale Sharks.

What Do They Eat?

Their length reaches about 60 feet long, commonly known as gentle giants. Whale Sharks eat shrimps, krill, fish eggs, jelly fish, plankton and various small fishes in ocean.


This clearly indicates humans are not the only feeding habits of Whale Sharks. Sharks attacks are done only when it is provoked; sharks are not at all fatal for humans. Various injuries, accidents have happened due to people swimming too near to the fins and tail of the shark specie. A well experienced diver will also stay ten feet far from a powerful creature like Whale Sharks. In safe distance, these gentle giants of the ocean are known as inoffensive and docile.

Where Are They Found?

They are rare to see and at the same time wonderful beauty present in oceans, seas and rivers as whale Shark is one of the biggest ocean fish. Whale Sharks are known to survive in around nine areas of world and they are not commonly seen elsewhere. One of the important factors that attract these Whale Sharks is the breeding of the 10,000 groupers. Whale Sharks enjoy the eggs coating by tasty caviar. The presence of the powerful gentle giants doesn’t only attract scientists and divers but also impresses tourists. Some places have ecotourism, which enable tourists to observe and watch Whale Sharks within natural habitat. Watching Whale Sharks closer within closed cabinets have encouraged various conservationist groups for promoting laws for protection for endangered specie called Whale Shark.


Whale Sharks are the less recognized sharks’ species, but recently scientists are really working hard on knowing more about these creatures to share their in-depth knowledge to the world. Awareness about Whale Sharks will make people understand that Sharks do not harm human beings.

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