55 Gallon Reef Tank 9 Months

I have been tweaking the tank for months now, adding hardware modifying levels and settings as well as adding coral. I have lost a few pieces but not many. The tank is really starting to fill out and I only have room for one or two more large colonies, then I will have to reduce additions to coral frags.

I was certain I had more photos of the tank along the way prior to making this post, I’ll have to do more digging around there seems to be a 4 month gap here. I still have allot in comparison to previous set ups. My last tank going about 8 years back; I was only able to find a total of 6 photos. In the early days of my multi zone reef most of my photos are on stock instead of being digital and the ones I do have are very low resolution as these were the first gen of consumer digital cameras. In fact I traded coral frags for my first digital camera.

In August of 2015 I decided to create another row of rock along the top of the tank to fit in a handful of sps colonies that I needed a bit of distance between them and the leathers. So far doing well, I have a bit of stinging and tissue lost but that is to be expected with such close proximity.

One problem I encountered over the past few months (since 9/15) was an increase in phosphate. My levels were about .5+ and that really impacts corals utilizing calcium. About 3 weeks back I turned my Bio pellet reactor into a GFO reactor and two things happened. First my phosphate levels have now dropped to about .05 and that is since around Jan 16th 2015 when i has a hair below .5. Secondly my redox shot from an average of 360’s to 440+ and that happened over 48 hours.

Looking at the photos I notice a few of the leathers actually shrunk in size, and the sps really stopped growing. I think the carbon dosing works my problem was I went with a very cheap set up. I believe to really make the reactor effective you need a unit that has independent controls for the tumble rate & output. Once I get growth back on track I’m going to buy a new reactor and begin again.





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