#6 Taveuni Islands

Taveuni coral reefs are located around the island of Taveuni, the third largest in Fiji, part of Cakaudrove Province. Most of its underwater attractions lie to the east (in the 6.5 km-wide Somosomo Strait, separating Taveuni from Vanua Levu), to the north and in the Vuna Lagoon in the south. The famous Rainbow and Vuna reefs are located in the Somosomo Strait and are well-known among divers for their impressive concentration of soft corals. The small northern islands of Matagi and Qamea have their own reef systems. The Vuna Lagoon, with the shape of a horseshoe, is located at the southern tip of Taveuni and is a good site for fishing and fish watching.

The main attraction of Taveuni coral reefs are the soft corals. Numerous species are to be found here, with various colors, ranging from white and pink to orange, red and even purple. Undulating in the water currents, these organisms create a unique image. One of the largest concentrations can be found in the Rainbow Reef, at about 3 km from Taveuni, in a site called the Great White Wall, due to the color and density of local, almost luminescent, white-and-lavender corals. The inner, sheltered areas of Vuna Lagoon also feature lots of pristine hard and soft coral populations.

Taveuni reefs are also famous for their fish. Manta rays, reef sharks, barracudas, flying fish, yellow-fin, dogtooth and big-eye tuna, swordfish, black and blue marlins, sailfish, albacore, wahoo, walu, blue fin and giant trevally, or mahi-mahi, are just a few of the species found here. The Vuna Lagoon is especially popular for its remarkable number of pelagic fish. Add dolphins, sea birds and sea turtles, and you will get an astonishing biodiversity. The unique thing about Taveuni coral reefs is that they are rather pristine, with over 95% yet to be explored by divers.

Blane Perun

Blane Perun

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