Credit: Walter Soestbergen

DIY Automated Brine Shrimp Feeder

Credit: Walter Soestbergen

This is a simple feeding mechanism which contains the following materials: 2 plastic bottle’s 1 plastic water tap 1 air tube 1 airstone 1 tube (for overflow) 1 hanging mechanism

The methode works as follow, you fill the upper bottle with fresh water. Through the water tap you can regulate the water drop speed from the upper bottle to the lower bottle. In the lower bottle you do salt water with freshly hatched baby brine shrimp untill the tube did not overflow. Through the water drops from the upper bottle falling into the lower bottle, the lower bottle will be filled with water and therefore water with Brine shrimp will go through the overflow into the aquarium. This is tested and it works fine for these breeder and it is a good idea.

*Instead of using the upper bottle, you can also use à tube directly connected to a water tap.

*Instead of a water tap in the upper bottle you can make tis with a tube a siphon with a water tap to get a greater pressure.

This article/picture is written/designed by Walter Soestbergen with permission of Frans Quakernaat.

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