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Bahrain Coral Reef Maps

The southern basin of the Arabian Gulf is a rough environment for corals; therefore, the species dwelling the Bahrain coral reefs are all extremely hardy and resilient. Diving these reefs is a truly unique experience – the volatile nature of the substrate creates a unique environment for the corals and causes them to form smaller, isolated reef patches, each of the patches providing a unique site.

Bahrain reef patches give home to a number of rare species, giving divers the unique opportunity to swim together with

  • Dugongs and sea cows – these two species of mammals are the relatives of the manatees and the Iranian Gulf is among the last places on Earth that serve as habitat for them;
  • Green turtles – the largest and oldest turtle species, these wonderful creatures just love these reefs;
  • Fish species and reptiles, including moray eels, rays, sturgeon fish, trigger fish, crayfish, lion fish and sea snakes;
  • The coral species that make up the reefs include brain corals, table corals.

The flora of the reefs is also varied – composed of large beds of sea grass and tidal flats, the area is home to a large number of plants that grow nowhere else.

Bahrain has a lot to offer to beginner and experienced divers alike:<

  • Fasht al Adham – an important spawning spot for fish and corals, this large reef is located at only about 8 km from the coast and stretches on over 10 km;
  • Fasht Najwa – a scenic reef that does not get too many visitors due to its remote location, but the richness of the marine life you can find there is certainly worth the effort necessary to get there;
  • Abu Thima – a colorful reef with shallow waters, large brain corals, table corals and anemones that provide home to clownfish, eels, rays and other marine species.

Bahrain coral reefs are suitable for beginner and experienced divers as well – the waters are warm, shallow and extremely busy with the most wonderful and most colorful creatures of the sea.

Blane Perun

Blane Perun

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