Credit: Larry Madin

Pink See-Through Fantasia

A Fairy-Like Dweller of the Deep Pacific

The name of this beautiful creature of the seas, Pink See-Through Fantasia, suggests a magical appearance – and, indeed, this sea-cucumber species is all that. The creature has a translucent body of powder-pink color, with the internal organs, including the mouth, the anus and the intestines being completely visible, allowing the observer to follow the complete digestion process. The animal is not very big, the body size of the individuals usually stays in the 11-25 cm range.

The Pink See-Through Fantasia (scientifically known as Enypniastes eximia) was discovered in 2007 in the Celebes Sea of the Pacific Ocean, at the staggering depth of 2,500 meters. The animal is quite mobile – it propels itself with the help of its web-like swimming structures and it is able rise to the surface and to dive back down into the dark waters.

There is currently very little knowledge of the behavior and lifespan of the creature, all we have right now is general information about the Enypniastes genus, the family of species that the critter belongs to.

Is Able to Emit Light

This little critter is beautiful when it is resting, but it is even more beautiful when it becomes agitated and starts glowing. The bioluminescence is used for scaring away predators – the process illuminates the area around the predator, making it visible for its own predators and convincing it quickly to stay away from the Pink See-Through Fantasia. The animal probably uses bioluminescence for other purposes as well, such as seeing in the dark.


Blane Perun

Diver - Photographer - Traveler

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