Blackbeard’s Ship Queen Anne’s Revenge

Aboard the Ship that Belonged to Blackbeard

There are many accounts of the famous vessel that belonged to Blackbeard. Pirate ship enthusiasts from around the world see Queen Anne’s Revenge as one of the most notorious frigates in history. Instilling fear in the hearts of freight ship sailors, the frigate was in the famous pirate’s possession for a little over a year starting in 1717. That year, however, saw Edward Teach rise to his highest glory and use the ship to carry out numerous acts of piracy including theft and destruction.

A Look at the Legendary Queen Anne’s Revenge

Documented facts about the Blackbeard and Queen Anne’s Revenge are hard to find. The name came as a direct result of Edward Teach’s involvement in Queen Anne’s war. The ship was initially named La Concorde de Nantes and it was a French slave ship. It was launched in 1711 by the English Navy, only to be captured by the French a short time later. Blackbeard captured the ship in 1717 and it became his flagship, fitting it with 40 guns and leading it to victory in many attacks throughout the Caribbean, including the infamous Charleston Blockade.

Famous Undertakings

Queen Anne’s Revenge was the most prized possession of Blackbeard. Pirate ship stories speak a lot about the pirate’s adventures on board the frigate. Although he had a reputation as a cruel and violent pirate, many of Blackbeard’s ship captures, including that of La Concorde and the merchant sloop Margret, had the captain and crew spared and returned to safety. In time, Teach captured a number of other ships and formed his own fleet while the reputation of Queen Anne’s Revenge continued to grow. The campaign culminated with the Charleston Blockade during which Teach captured an additional nine vessels about six leagues away from shore and left with their spoils.

What Has Become of the Ship?

The career of the Queen Anne’s Revenge as a pirate ship was short-lived. The ship was ran aground at Beauford Inlet, off the coast of North Carolina, where the vessel was abandoned and the crew, their spoils and most of their belongings were taken aboard two other small vessels. Queen Anne’s Revenge remained at Beauford Inlet for almost 300 years, until divers found its remains in 1996, scientists later confirming the ship’s identity. While historians cannot fully agree on all details regarding to the ship that belonged to Blackbeard, pirate ship tales, rumors and legends of old confirm most of the aforementioned claims.

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