Brasov Romania

Transylvania’s Most Historically Relevant City

Brasov is situated at the heart of Romania as one of the most important and largest cities in the country. Currently 7th largest, Brasov is at the center of the country’s transportation network and tourism, being surrounded by the Southern Carpathian mountains and considered the most important link between the regions of Transylvania and Walachia.

Even though the city of Brasov was initially developed by Transylvanian Saxons and later by the the Kingdom of Hungary around 1100-1300 AD, the area was initially settled long before that. Archaeological finds in the region include neolithic settlements dating back 11,000 years, and early Dacian citadels from ancient times were also found close by. Most of the landmarks and historical areas in and around the city, however, date back to medieval times and the struggles between the Romanians, Hungarians and the Ottoman Empire. Some important sights include the Black Church, the First Romanian School, the old city watch towers and Catherine’s Gate – the only original medieval city gate that has remained intact to this day.

Today, Brasov is a thriving metropolitan area that hasn’t lost track of its history and culture. The historical places and the important landmarks like the nearby Bran castle (which has been incorrectly attributed to Vlad the Impaler) attract numerous tourists and intrigued visitors every year, regardless of whether they aim to explore the city’s rich cultural heritage, or are just interested in the myth of Dracula.

Blane Perun

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