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Cheung Po Tsai

Sao Feng, among the principal villains of the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End film, relies on fantasy and details about Cheung Po Tsai.

Cheung was a notorious pirate, usually understood as a result of a legend about his concealed treasure in Cheung Po Tsai Cave-In Cheung Chau Island. Cheung Po Tsai (actually means “Cheung Po a Child”) was also called Chang Pao Tsai, Cheung Po, Chang Pao and Zhang Bao. Cheung lived an easy life as an unhealthy fisherman’s son, in southern China district, Xinhui of Jiangmen. In age 15, he was kidnapped by Cheng Yat, a pirate who worked along the Chinese shore throughout the xviii century.

Shortly after Cheng Yat got him, Cheung Po Tsai became his favorite subordinate. Cheung loved in his new responsibility and uncovered himself in pirate lifestyle. As a the most magnetic and ambitious recruit, he swiftly climbed through standings. Shortly after, he was even adopted by his captain and his own wife Ching Shih.

After Cheng Yat unintentional passing in thunderstorm, Ching Shih, now referred to as “Widow Ching” steered her way to his direction place of her husband’s fleet and Cheung became her right hand man. They’d a relationship and shortly once they wed. Cheung Po afterwards totally took on the pirating company from his married woman.

Cheung Po Tsai harassed Guangdong coastal region, throughout the Qing Dynasty. His pirates are not permitted to injure or destroy girls, shared butt evenly and were well-disciplined. In the peak of his strength, Cheung’s fleet counted a military of 20,000 males and many hundred boats.

In 1810, after having a large downfall of his pirate military, Cheung Po became the official, a captain in the Qing imperial navy in charge of eradicating piracy and conceded to the Qing Authorities. He invested the remainder of his life loving cozy administrative places.

There were plenty of gossips about Cheung’s renowned treasurers. The most well-known one is of a tiny cavern in dumb-bell – formed Cheung Chau island. The cavern was latter named after Cheung Po Tsai. It’s little and hard to crawl in to, yet annually this isle draw is visited by many tourists. Many are contemporary treasure hunters with expensive gear, striving do find lost pirate treasure…

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