Credit: Blane Perun

Corfu Greece

Check Out Unique Locations, Ancient Sites and Great Beaches in Corfu

One of the best known Greek islands, Corfu is situated in the Ionian Sea, where many tourists tend to go on vacation from all around the world. The island is associated with Ancient Greek mythology from the beginning of Greek history featuring stunning and mysterious Ancient Greek temples that have been attracting visitors for a long time.

The warm climate and soft, sandy beaches make Corfu one of the best destinations for those visitors to Greece who don’t want to stray too far from the mainland and also want to experience high end accommodations and convenient transportation options.

Aside from its pristine beaches and diverse wildlife (including dozens of species of marine mammals and reptiles) he island of Corfu is known primarily for its stunning and unique destinations which include beautiful monasteries, seaside taverns you can visit with a motorboat, the Old Perithia (Corfu’s oldest village), Corfu Donkey Rescue and Angelokastro – which is an ancient acropolis that represented one of Corfu’s most strategically important military location during ancient times.

Blane Perun

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