Credit Sanjay Joshi

DIY Fish Food

Credit: Sanjay Joshi

Well, I am back from the UK and getting caught up with stuff. Here is my recipe for food that I have been using for a while now. My goal with this recipe was to be able to feed the corals as well as the fish in my tank. I don’t really use a fixed formula but wing it as I go along.

I basically go to the sea food section in the grocery store, and pick up several shrimp, squid, scallops, mussel, clams, etc. that I can find. The other main ingredient I use is Nori. Nori is a great food for the fish, and the herbivorous fish love it. In fact, all my fish including the lone anthias will eat nori. Nori can be found in any oriental store (just make sure and get the unflavored kind).

I first throw the nori into the blender and shred into small pieces. Do this while its dry and it breaks up into nice medium size pieces. I remove most of it and leave a hand full in there and then half the sea food mix along with some water and blend it into a paste. Then I add back the rest of the nori, the remaining sea food mix, along with some spirulina flakes, vitamin drops, some yeast and chop it in the blender so as to give some larger chunkier pieces.

Place the mix into the freezer bags and spread it thin in the bag to allow breaking off pieces easily, and freeze. I figure the finely blended stuff will work fine to feed the filter feeders and corals, and the larger pieces along with the nori works well for the fish, and the several serpent stars that I have.

The exact proportion of each is not really all that important, I just try to make sure that there is enough variety to satisfy all the live critters in the tank. I have been using this for over a year now, and has worked great.

I feed about a 2′ square piece of this ‘gourmet’ food every day in my 180G tank.

Mike Paletta told me once that he feeds prawn eggs to the corals. I have not found these anywhere locally, so I was thinking of adding some fish roe to the mix, next time I make a batch. (Ed. note: Fish Roe as an additive has been recommend by A. Thiel for years).

Word of caution: Do this when your wife (or SO) is not home, epsecially when using her favourite blender

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