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Djibouti Coral Reef Maps

The waters surrounding Djibouti give home to some of the world’s most spectacular reef sites – most Djibouti coral reefs are located at the entrance to the Red Sea, right between the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, an area characterized by strong currents and very special, rich marine ecosystems.

There are a number of wonderful reefs around Djibouti:

Ras Eiro – a dramatic scenery that features two separate areas, the Finger and the Point, and is home to a multitude of soft corals, table corals, anemones and other marine creatures including whale sharks;

  • The Dome – situated very close to Ras Eiro, the site features a giant dome of corals that starts 45 m above the surface, allowing divers to explore its deep down riches as well as to enjoy the beautiful, vibrant colors of the corals as you move upwards;
  • Ras Corali – this amazing coral plateau reaches its deepest point (35 m) gradually, with lots of large rocks covered in corals. The area is inhabited by small and large fish alike, groupers being among the most spectacular creatures the diver can encounter. It is also one of the favorite places of barracudas, Napoleon fish, moray eels and blue triggerfish;
  • Moucha Island – the largest island in the area, surrounded by numerous smaller islands and coral reefs, about 25 km from the mainland. Most islands are too small to have any wildlife, but the corals around them are probably among the most spectacular on the entire continent.

The Djibouti coral reefs are home to at least 200 different species of corals and thousands of other underwater species, creating a surrealistic world that you can see nowhere else in the world.

Blane Perun

Blane Perun

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