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Dominica Coral Reef Maps

With the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique as neighbors, Dominica is one of the places in the Caribbean Sea where the amazing beauty of the coral reefs remained unspoiled, the calcareous formations sheltering a truly impressive number of fish and other marine creatures.

The Paradise of Whales and Dolphins

The Champagne Reef is the perfect illustration of this biodiversity, known mainly for the over 20 whale species living here, the sperm whale being one of the most commonly met. People who come here for diving or snorkeling can also have the pleasant surprise to be surrounded by the playful spinner and spotted dolphins that greet them and swim along with them.

Smaller but Just as Impressive Sea Creatures

Flying gurnards, frogfish and seahorses form large schools and colonies also live here, the most remarkable thing being that the presence of these marine creatures is rarely observed on the other islands in the region.

Turtles of all sizes, stingrays, nurse sharks, barracudas, grunts and lobsters thrive here, among the formations of hard and soft, brightly colored corals. The giant sea anemones and sea fans make the underwater landscape even more fascinating.

The Champagne Reef in Dominica has a lot of other surprises to reveal to all those who come here to admire and explore it.

Blane Perun

Blane Perun

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