Credit: Blane Perun

Dunguaire Castle

The Dunguaire Castle is a tower house that dates back to the 16th century, and was erected on the southeastern shore of Galway Bay in Ireland. According to 19th century scholar John O’Donovan, the castle was initially built around the year 1520 by the O’ Hynes clan. The area is also known for sparking regionally well-known legends such as the Road of the Dishes.

The castle remained forgotten for many years, until in 1924, it was bought and renovated by Oliver St. John Gogarty. This period marked the “great Celtic revival” in Irish literature, as the castle became a meeting place for famous literary figures the likes of Yeats, Edward Martin and George Bernard Shaw.

After its complete restoration in 1954, the castle came in the possession of Christobel Lady Amptill. Today it is one of the greatest attractions in Ireland and a true gem for history buffs interested in knowing about the lifestyle of the Irish people from 1520 to the modern era.

Blane Perun

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