Credit: Blane Perun


Freeport is a city and district in the northwest Bahamas on an island simply known as Grand Bahama. It was established as a free trade zone after the government of the Bahamas granted 50,000 acres of land to Virginian financier, Wallace Groves, with the purpose of economically developing the area. The city of Freeport took shape in this area, and soon became a rich urban center backed up by the Grand Bahama Port Authority.

Since the island is on some of the major EW-NS shipping routes, its economic development is in a state of continual growth. The city attracts tourists all year round, and it also features several National Parks, such as the Rand Nature Center, Petersons Cay and the Lucayan National Park.

Freeport is often advertised as Port Lucaya, since this is where the central touristic hub of the urban development is situated. It is also known for its numerous white sandy beaches, water related activities, affordable food places and the famous Garden of the Groves – Wallace Groves’ former private garden.

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Photograph by Blane Perun

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