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French Reunion Coral Reef Maps

If you visit French Reunion, coral reefs are among the first attractions local diving centers will tell you about. The reefs themselves, as well as the marine biodiversity of the area are surprisingly rich and can provide you with some of the most stunning places to explore.

Reunion features rich coral formations located to the west of the island, where rich fringing reefs dominate the area.

La Pointe au Sel and La Pointe des Chateaux are two stunning places where you can find a beautiful and rich underwater paradise, as well as the clearest water on the island. Here, you can get to the large barrier reef that protects the island.

For anyone interested in taking a closer look at the coral reefs in the area, there are a number of sites you can check out that are perfect for diving and can provide you with ripe areas for spotting a large number of interesting and beautiful marine creatures:

  • Passe de l’Ermitage – a place where extensive seagrass beds attract sea turtles and eagle rays that use the area as a meeting point and feeding ground;
  • The Caves of Maharani – a diving site featuring a series of intricate caves, as well as a great place to spot large kingfish and lionfish;
  • Grand Tombant – this site can show you large schools of pelagic fish, as well as mantas and whale sharks on occasion;
  • Cap la Houssaye – one of the richest areas when it comes to diverse marine life species, where you can find a variety of ghost pipefish, turtles, barracuda, mantis shrimp, as well as a meadow featuring a variety of sea slugs.

The French Reunion coral reefs and their rich marine biodiversity are among the most appealing attractions in the area – anyone interested in diving, snorkeling or marine photography will definitely enjoy this small but beautiful island.

Blane Perun

Blane Perun

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