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Grenada Coral Reef Maps

The coral formations near the island of Grenada are the perfect combination of luxuriant vegetation and an incredible variety of marine creatures.

The Splendor of the Coral Colonies

The pillar corals are one of the coral varieties that can be often seen here, along with the delicate formations of soft corals, having the shape of elk and stag horn. These come in many lively colors, from bright red to pale brown. The whip corals, plate corals and black corals are other interesting varieties that can be spotted in the deeper waters of the reef. In shallow waters, coral colonies alternate with stripes of sand resembling an alley, a system of this type being known as the “Japanese garden”. Sea weeds and sponges, including the barrel sponge, can also be seen here.

An Amazing Variety of Life Forms

The reef shelters a lot of marine creatures, such as lobsters, octopuses and stingrays, especially the Southern stingray. Crustaceans are represented by the conches of big dimensions that share their territory with the garden eels. Several species of turtles and tarpons also live here. Neon gobies and Pederson cleaner shrimp are other creatures that populate the area. File fish, angelfish, queen trigger fish, parrot fish and several varieties of butterfly fish, along with the nurse shark, are some of the marine life species the coral reef in Grenada hosts.

Blane Perun

Blane Perun

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