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Guam Coral Reef Maps

US Guam, one of the five unincorporated territories of the United States is an amazing place for any visitor, but perhaps even more so for those interested in coral diving. The largest island of Micronesia, Guam offers all the beauty of the Pacific Ocean: rich marine life and colors you can see nowhere else in the world.

One of the most spectacular dive sites and coral reef locations around the island is certainly the Blue Hole. The deep crevice has become the island’s signature attraction not only because of the possibility to dive waters that are more than 100′ deep, yet offer perfect visibility, but also because of the spectacular coral reefs populated by reef sharks, unicorn fish, large tuna and other amazing creatures.

The 11-Mile Reef is another amazing dive site – located at an 11-mile distance from the Guam shore, the reef creates a huge oasis of extraordinary, rich sea life, with sharks, corals and hundreds of other species.

Cocos Island is also a frequently chosen dive spot – the thick coral beds are populated with turtles, reef sharks and spotted eagle rays, to mention just a few dwellers of the waters around the islands.

Those who are looking for dives on the richest coral reefs in the region, the Coral Gardens and Gab Gab are must-see places. The coral formations in the Gardens and thick and very massive and the fauna specific of the reefs includes eels, Christmas tree worms and lion fish, while Gab Gab gives home to numerous crabs, shrimps and turtle species.

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