Hermit Crab Habitat

Hermit Crabs are biologically known as crustaceans belonging to Paguroidea family. Differing from the real crabs, these Hermit crabs possess vulnerable soft abdomens, and to protect their bodies, they use shells abandoned by other aquatic animals, like snails, and live in the shells of these organisms. Precisely for this reason they are called hermit crabs. The Hermit Crab Habitat is strange. This hermit crab is known to carry its home everywhere it goes. When it outgrown the shell, it will discard the old house, and look for a new shell of a house. Due to this trait, there seems to be a competition between hermit crabs. They are not dangerous creatures and have become literally pets to human beings. Hermit Crab Habitat should be good in captivity, and you have to build them their house.

Hermit Crabs are of 500 different types of species, most of them being aquatic, while others are terrestrial crabs. The Aquatic hermit crab habitat can range from coral reefs’ shallow waterways to the bottoms of our seas. Mostly Hermit Crab Habitat can be found amidst the inter-tidal areas, like the tide-pools where similar species of marine animals are found. The terrestrial Hermit Crab Habitat, on the other hand is in the tropics. Also, there is a species Caribbean hermit crab which lives up the trees, easily climbing them.

it was earlier believed that hermit crabs would die if captured. But now it is proven that they live as many as 30 ye3ars, provided you give them a proper Hermit Crab Habitat, and create conditions to make them as pets. To become pets they don’t require any elaborate mansions, what they need is a place where they can comfortably live, and to this end you have to make them special Hermit Crab Habitat homes. The Caribbean as well as Ecuadorian species are usually kept as pets.

Hermit crabs require space to move around. To make the Hermit Crab Habitat comfortable, don’t use small plastic containers as their enclosures. If you want to have two medium size Hermit crabs, you require a ten-gallon aquarium with a tight lid, as they can escape easily. Ensure the enclosure is warm, but don’t place the tank under direct sun, as it can be harmful to them. Create a substrate with coconut fiber and sand, which is preferred as hermit crab habitat, even the fiber should be ground to resemble soil. It can burrow in the substrate. You can also use coral crushed, but never gravel or wood chips. The hermit crab habitat should have right humidity, which is very important. Since they breathe moist air, ensure that humidity of the hermit crab habitat is around 80%.

The Hermit Crab Habitat should have a temperature in the range of 80 degree as changes in temperature can affect its metabolic activity. Don’t expose it to lower rates of temperature, as it can become weak and similarly at high temperature it can undergo. Though many hermit crab habitats use no lights, understand that lighting is useful to have a correct temperature, if you take care of the right wattage of bulbs used in the habitat. Since hermit crabs love to climb, you can put some accessories like fake plants or ceramic pots, in the tank. Put dishes to enable the crabs to immerse in them. Use freshwater dishes, without chlorination.

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