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Israel Coral Reef Maps

Israel coral reefs are concentrated in the Eilat area and take up about 1,200 meters. Though the reef area is small compared to other reefs in the world, it is one of the most densely populated marine ecosystems on Earth – an area just as rich in corals as in other plant and animal species. The Eilat area gives home to about 270 different species of coral and more than 2,500 other marine species and it offers spectacular spot for diving enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Israel’s Coral Reef Natural Reserve along the Eilat coastline is the country’s only reef area and a special place that brims with wonderful creatures. The area is the world’s northernmost reef and mangrove ecosystem. The front of the reef is taken up by a coral wall that reaches 4 meters in depth. Behind the wall, there is a sand bed that also accommodates two rocks that bear Biblical names, Moses and Joshua and another, much larger wall that descends an astonishing 35 meters.

The 270 coral species that live and thrive in the area include numerous species that are unique to the area. Smooth cauliflower corals, various alveopora species, pocillopora corals, brain corals are all there for divers and natural scientists to explore.

The reef is rich in corals and the abundance of these colorful creatures contributes to the abundance of other species as well. Parrot fish, sharks, turtles, glass fish and other colorful tropical fish feel just as much at home in the coral gardens as oysters, anemone, octopi, sponges, even dolphins.

The area provides an extraordinary environment for the fragile coral ecosystems, a proof of that being that the Israel coral reefs are expanding, maintaining the unique diversity of the coral formations and delighting visitors with spectacular colors and underwater landscapes.

Blane Perun

Blane Perun

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