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Jamaica Coral Reef Maps

The sunny beaches and the easygoing atmosphere are not the only things that made Jamaica one of the most popular destinations for exotic vacations, as the coral reefs surrounding the island attract thousands of people who want to find out more about these spectacular formations as well.

Bluff Point and Savanna Le Mar are just two of the most famous reefs in the region, both of them suffering great damages caused by the devastating tropical storms that swapped the island’s shore in the last couple of years. In order to conserve the reef, the Jamaican authorities have established several natural marine reservations, Montego Bay Park being one of the best known.

Reef Specifics

The reef is “fringe” type, more than 60 distinctive species of corals forming amazingly beautiful elk-horn and stag-horn colonies. In some places near the shore, roots of mangrove forests intertwine with the reef, making the ecosystem even more complex. Deep under the sea, the formations include mainly the spectacular looking brain corals.

The triggerfish and wrasse populations found here ideal living conditions, but so did the Caribbean reef sharks and barracudas, that have plenty of opportunities to hunt down their prey.

Urchins, octopuses, sea cucumbers, sponges and sea wasps are just some of the great number of marine creatures that live here undisturbed, the diversity of species being one of the reasons why the coral reefs in Jamaica are considered one of the biggest natural treasures of the world.

Blane Perun

Blane Perun

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