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Martinique Coral Reef Maps

The Martinique coral reef is famous among amateur divers and marine biologists alike, drawing them like a magnet every year.

The Spectacular View of the Coral Gardens

The coral varieties here come in many colors, from pale and bright red to yellow, orange and even white and green. Pillar corals can be often observed on the rocks and around the caves and grottos on the bottom, while the wall of the reef is the favorite spot of tubular and finger corals, two soft coral varieties. A lot of sponges, including the barrel sponge that can reach impressive dimensions, creating elaborated structures, grow here. On the bottom, thick beds of algae and seaweeds alternate with barren, sandy areas.

The Impressive Diversity of Marine Life Species

The waters in this area are a welcoming host for the bi-color damselfish, the yellowhead wrasse, several parrotfish varieties, including the redband parrotfish and the princess parrotfish. The French grunt, the trumpet fish, the blue chromis and the sharpnose puffer are also among the over 25 species of fish populating the area. Numerous varieties of shrimps, crustaceans and sea worms live here, several species of turtles also being attracted by the rich source of food and all the other living and breeding conditions the reef offers. As for predators, their main representatives are the barracudas.

Blane Perun

Blane Perun

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