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Mauritius Coral Reef Maps

Coral reef enthusiasts can certainly enjoy the rich diversity and pristine conditions of the Mauritius coral reefs, the reef formations surrounding and protecting the islands, while ensuring that the thriving marine habitat where countless underwater creatures dwell and visit is kept stable all year round.

Measuring about 330 km, Mauritius’ coastlines are teeming with vibrant, beautiful coral reef formations that encompass the entire area, and protect the island in its totality.

For novice divers, the area is perfect to start out, due to the overall stability of the natural habitat, the stable temperatures – maintained at around 25 C all year round – and the large areas of natural corals generally featuring very few fast currents and mostly stable, thriving marine life habitats.

Parrot fish, damsel fish and wrasse, as well as unusual species of fish such as white-spotted boxfish can commonly be seen in Mauritius, and the smooth corals and pristine lagoons make this small region of the world a thriving ecosystem home to many other species as well.

In total, about 430 different types of underwater creatures live in the waters surrounding Mauritius, with no less than 200 different species of corals – making this small island one of the most significant places for marine biodiversity in the southern Indian Ocean.

The Blue Bay Marine Park is one of the best places to start when exploring the waters of Mauritius, and aside from beautiful fish and sea turtles, the protected corals across the northwest coast (Pointe aux Piments) can be a perfect place for snorkeling.

Also, if you’re looking for the shallowest waters and most diverse underwater environments thriving with many different types of coral species, Trou aux Biches and Ile aux Cerfs are among the best sites to look up.

The Mauritius coral reefs are among the most significant and beautiful underwater treasures to explore, and you’ll find they can offer a truly majestic spectacle, featuring many rare and fascinating species of fish and marine mammals.

Blane Perun

Blane Perun

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