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Micronesia Coral Reef Maps

Micronesia, which actually means “small islands”, is an archipelago scattered over hundreds of thousands of square miles in the western Pacific. Picture awe-inspiring coral reefs and vibrant azure lagoons, spectacular marine landscape – this place is a haven for divers!

It is estimated that the region has one of the world’s highest overall marine biodiversity, including 300 species of corals, over 1,000 species of fish and 1,200 species of mollusks.

The best diving opportunities in the region include:

  • Chuuk is a huge lagoon boasting nearly 70 shipwrecks. It has become famous for wreck diving, but one of its best kept secrets is its outer reef, where tourists can dive with the sharks and see a wide variety of vibrant corals, turtles, sea anemones, as well as reef fish.
  • Yap’s reef system is popular among divers as a place to encounter manta rays, but the diving experience also includes grey reef shark encounters, mandarin fish (better observed at twilight), dolphins and, last but not least, the barrier reef surrounding the island, which abounds with invertebrates, reef fish and hard corals.
  • Bikini Atoll is another site famous for wreck diving, but there’s much more to it than the renowned WW2 shipwrecks. Decades after the atomic blast that took place here, vast expanses of corals are now flourishing once again. Divers will get to admire huge matrices of Porites Corals, as well as Acropora Striata, Isopora and Mantipora corals (which appear more scarcely).

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