A Small Country in Eastern Europe with a Rich and Impressive Culture

The culture of Moldova is one of the richest and most diverse in the entire Eastern European area. This small but fascinating country is located close to the Black Sea, bordering Romania and the Ukraine, and considered to be one of the most culturally diverse countries in Eastern Europe.

Moldavia was initially a region heavily influenced by its dealings with the neighboring regions of Transylvania (which was under Hungarian and Habsburg rule for some time), Walachia, as well as the Ottoman Empire and later the Ukraine and Russia. Moldova is literally at the crossroads between the Slavic and Latin culture, and it was also linked to nomadic attacks dating back to medieval times. To some extent, Moldova was also influenced by the Byzantine culture.

During the modern era, Moldova was part of both Romania and the USSR, following WWII; but it broke free and became an independent state after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989.

Some of the best places to visit in Moldova, that can tell visitors and tourists about the rich history and culture of the region, include the friendly and modern capital of Chisinau, the Old Orhei – considered by many to be Moldova’s most beautiful historic site – the Tipova Monestary, the Cricova Winery and the small village of Saharna, which houses the Holy Trinity Monestary and is also an important pilgrimage place for many local Moldavians.

Blane Perun

Diver - Photographer - Traveler

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