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Niue Coral Reef Maps

Diving around New Zealand’s Niue Island is certainly a rewarding experience. The water are crystal clear, offering the diver frequent sightings of endemic fish species, while the coral reef surrounding the island features numerous caves and caverns and boasts one of the richest coral ecosystems in the entire world. The island is surrounded by so-called sea tracks, trails that take the visitor to secluded places accessible in no other way. During high tide, the places can be visited by diving or snorkeling along the trails, while in low tide periods the area offers a unique experience: you can practically walk on the water and explore the rich wildlife of the coral reef, watching the beautiful creatures while walking.

Beside these sea tracks, you can choose to enter the magical world of the reef from several beaches. One of them, Utuko, has direct access to the coral reef itself. The coastline is dramatically rugged and the special shape of the reef has created numerous coves and swimming-pool like formations, inviting you for a bath in the warm water. Hio is another white-sanded beach that offers the possibility to dive and snorkel as well.

Niue has some world-famous dive sites: in Snake Gully you can find large schools of barracuda and painted crayfish; in Matavai Bommie, the dive starts deep, allowing the diver to explore the reef upwards; Ana Mahanga offers tunnels and caves for the experienced diver and the opportunity to swim among eels, puffer fish, white tip reef sharks; Channeling comes with gullies among colorful corals, while Tama is an easy-to-dive wall of corals, suitable for less experienced divers as well.

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