A Thriving Port and Tourist Center in the Heart of Eastern Europe

From housing various nomadic tribes in medieval times, to becoming one of the most well-known trading ports in the modern era, the city of Odessa in the Ukraine has pretty much always been associated with diversity and a blend of different groups of people. Founded under its current name by Catherine the Great, Odessa is known today as a major commercial and touristic center that attracts countless visitors all year round.

The history of Odessa started out with the Ancient Greeks. It was initially a Greek settlement in the 6th century BCE and a necropolis dating back the 5-4 centuries BCE was found in the area. During medieval times, the area was settled by various nomadic tribes, notably the Tatars. However, once it became incorporated in the Russian Empire, the city enjoyed unprecedented stability and became one of the best known ports in the East, its culture and architectural style being heavily influenced by the Italian and French merchants, visitors and settlers who came in contact with the city between the 1700s and the modern age.

Together with Port Yuzhne and Chornomorsk, the Port of Odessa is one of the most important terminals in Eastern Europe, connecting the Black Sea and the railway network for trade and transport. The landmarks, the history and the rich cultural heritage of Odessa also attracts numerous tourists from all around the globe.

Blane Perun

Diver - Photographer - Traveler

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