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Olympia Greece

See a Genuine Glimpse of Ancient Greece at the Archaeological Site of Olympia

If you’re interested in Ancient Greek historical sites and archaeology, Olympia is one of the best places you can visit. Found in the valley of the Alfeiós River, this small town on the Peloponnese peninsula is also one of Greece’s most extensive archaeological sites, fraught with ancient records, statues and temples associated with the 12 Olympians.

The archaeological site at Olympia is known to house 70 very important historical buildings, including places like the alleged tomb of the mythical Pelops, the Pelopion. Other noteworthy places to visit include the temples dedicated to Zeus and Hera, the famous Palestra – built in the 3rd century BC as part of the gymnasium complex – and several important museums, such as the Museum of the Olympic Games and the Archimedes Museum.

Olympia is also known for housing important ancient landmarks like the stadium where the Olympic Games were held in ancient times, or the Bouleuterion, which is the council house that was the seat of the Elean Senate, which was responsible for the organization of the Olympic Games.

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